My name is Stevie Tsui and I’m a Hong Kong-based writer. I find it impossible to grow up in Hong Kong. You can read all about that in “Forever Young”.

If I can’t grow up, at least I can get bigger: I’m also an amateur powerlifter who hopes to one day be considered one of the strongest women in Hong Kong so I can convince more girls to own their thick thighs. In the meantime, I post videos of Jiu and me lifting and putting back down heavy-ish shit on our Instagram.

ABOUT MY WORK | I spent two years working as a journalist (TV and magazine) reporting on local news, and the following three years in various communications roles. 

Outside of work, I’m a freelance Chinese to English translator and English copywriter. I also do English voice-overs. You may refer to my portfolio for more information.

ABOUT “FOREVER YOUNG” | “Forever Young” was my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing thesis. I got my MFA degree from the University of Hong Kong, thinking it would help me get ahead in life. But if writing “Forever Young” has taught me one thing, it’s that in Hong Kong, one can never grow up. That makes “getting ahead” an illusion.

“Forever Young” is split into two sections: the thesis, which comprises posts adapted from my thesis; and the epilogue, which documents the rest of my involuntary Peter Pan journey. “Forever Young” is updated weekly on Sundays.

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