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For Starters (Part 8)

Read: For Starters (Part 7) And malls, according to a local YouTube beauty guru, are the best places to spend Christmas in Hong Kong. “The Landmark, IFC, Hysan Place, and the Pacific Place are my top picks”, she said in her “8 Ways to Spend Christmas in Hong Kong” video. As if Hong Kong wasn’t […]

For Starters (Part 7)

Read: For Starters (Part 6) My best friend in high school graduated with a huge chunk of money her dad gave her as a gift for making it out of university. I was surprised when she told me, because he had been laid off and was counting on the stock market. Maybe that explains her […]

For Starters (Part 6)

Read: For Starters (Part 5) It’s every parent’s dream for their kids to enrol in prestigious schools. For the parents of kids at the Sheng Kung Hui Kindergarten, it’s St. Pauls’ Co-educational College. Together with the Diocesan Boys’ and Diocesan Girls’ schools, the trio make the Anglican crème de la crème in the local secondary […]

For Starters (Part 5)

Read: For Starters (Part 4) The battle continues. I used to live in a seminary next to a rather prestigious kindergarten, separated by a basketball court. Mom worked for the Anglican church. Once a year, I navigated through the court, filled with eager parents, babbling multilinguists, bawling musicians and drooling athletes waiting in line to […]

For Starters (Part 4)

Read: For Starters (Part 3) Anyway, babies here have it worse. They either never get a taste of breastmilk, or are weaned off before their first birthday because their mommies just don’t have the space to do “taboo stuff”. During my second week working at an ad agency, a locked door with the sign “ESTHER’S […]

For Starters (Part 3)

Read: For Starters (Part 2) “I’ve been thinking about joining a writing course,” Rose said, about a month after her return from studying in the States. “Tell me about yours at HKU. What do you have to do?” “You have to be committed. At the end of it you’re going to have to write a […]

For Starters (Part 2)

Read: For Starters (Part 1) When she finally did come back, Rose went hiking almost every day before starting her new job. “My sister threw a glass at me last night. She hates having me back. She keeps complaining to my parents about how I got to go abroad while she stayed in Hong Kong. […]

For Starters (Part 1)

Read the previous chapter: “Telling Stories” I came back to understand why they say the lucky ones get to leave. When we were nineteen, my close friend, Rose, left Hong Kong, looking for space to grow up. It was only a matter of time. Ever since I could remember, she had been telling me how […]

Telling Stories (Part 4)

Read: Telling Stories (Part 3) Eventually, Mom and I came back. Mr T reappeared as a taxi driver, his voice unrecognisable from years of smoking, drinking, and doing time. We met at the Chinese restaurant our family used to frequent on weekends. They made the best spring rolls. “Look at you! Your mother should do something […]

Telling Stories (Part 3)

Read: Telling Stories (Part 2) Flora described how Mr T stayed with her family for a while, before he and Mom got married. My youngest uncle surrendered his mattress so Mr T could crash in their living room. Flora’s job paid well. After her boss got locked up, she bought his BMW from his wife. […]