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Telling Stories (Part 4)

Read: Telling Stories (Part 3) Eventually, Mom and I came back. Mr T reappeared as a taxi driver, his voice unrecognisable from years of smoking, drinking, and doing time. We met at the Chinese restaurant our family used to frequent on weekends. They made the best spring rolls. “Look at you! Your mother should do something […]

Telling Stories (Part 3)

Read: Telling Stories (Part 2) Flora described how Mr T stayed with her family for a while, before he and Mom got married. My youngest uncle surrendered his mattress so Mr T could crash in their living room. Flora’s job paid well. After her boss got locked up, she bought his BMW from his wife. […]

Telling Stories (Part 2)

Read: Telling Stories (Part 1) I’m only twentysomething, so there really isn’t much I can go on, especially when it comes to grown-up stuff like writing about growing up. Anyway, I’ll take a stab at it and start with unfamiliar territory: Mr T. I got back in touch with Mr T on Facebook at the […]

Telling Stories (Part 1)

In Hong Kong, there isn’t much to go on. I realised this during my last days working as a reporter at a local TV station. I’d missed the staff bus that took us from the MTR station to our headquarters in the Tseung Kwan O industrial area. Reluctantly, I boarded the public bus, which always […]